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How To Choose Exercises To Create A Weight Lifting Program

If you want to transform your skinny body into a huge mass of muscle then you need to learn how to make your workout more effective so you get quick results. Here are seven body building tips that will help you meet your goal.Best exercises. When you are striving to build huge muscles, stay away from weight machines. You will get better results with free weights or using your own body weight as resistance. The reason for that is those types of exercise give you full range of motion which helps you build strong joints and muscles. Another important body building tip is to use the heaviest weight you can manage so you can stress your muscles and spur growth.Sets per workout. Less is more when it comes to building muscle. You should aim to do a max of 12 to 16 sets each workout session. This will allow you to build muscle faster while having a better recovery time. This means less soreness and no overtraining that slows down muscle growth.How many sets to do per exercise: Although most exercisers especially thos...


How To Choose Men's Workout Apparel And Training Gear

We are all after the effects that workouts give us such as being more fit and lean but we shouldn't only be concerned about looking good from working out but we should also want to look good while we are exercising. It pays off to know what we wear when training is both stylish as well as practical for the workouts we are doing. If you arm yourself with this knowledge you will find exercise clothing that will make the workouts that much more comfortable.In any exercise program the first concern with the apparel you choose should be that of comfort while you are working out. This is why one needs to be practical when choosing exercise apparel and not go for looks and style alone. You want to be sure that the clothing you choose doesn't bind you when you are playing basketball, doing aerobics, or lifting weights. I have had severe skin irritation from wearing t-shirts that bound and chafed when they became wet while I was weight training.Staring at the bottom, your choice of shoes is absolutely crucial to the s...


Weider Home Gym Review - What to Know Before You Buy?

Weider home gyms are some of the most affordable gyms on the market. Weider makes both weight stack gyms and crossbow gyms (similar to the Bowflex Power Rod gyms). Weider also makes kettlebells, free weights and weight benches. The Weider name has been around for years and is well known for their strength training equipment. Weider is actually subsidiary of ICON Health and Fitness, one of the largest producers of exercise equipment in the world. They also own brands like Proform, Nordic Track, Epic, Image and Weslo. While Weider makes different strength training equipment, what they were most known for a few years ago were the Weider Crossbow home gyms. Similar to the Bowflex power rod gyms, they used bendable bars (crossbow or crossbars) to create resistance. The crossbow gyms like the Max and the Platinum Plus were compact and lighter than traditional stack machines, more affordable plus they still gave you a wide variety of exercises. Unfortunately, Weider seems to have discontinued these models (alth...


Competitive Bodybuilding: Historical Landmarks

"Strong Man Acts" moved to North America in the 1800's and are credited with inspiring what is known today as bodybuilding. Usually a circus performer who displayed his strengths was known as a strongman. Strongmen displaying their strength by bench presses, steel bending, breaking heavy iron chains and such were watch by audiences attending the circus. Although bodybuilding did not yet exist, many 19th century strongmen had well-built bodies and even sold photographs of themselves flexing and posing. In present days, when we use the term 'strongman', it mostly refers to participants competing in varied strength competitions. (besides making your muscles big enough to entertain the thought of lifting rocks, trucks or rolling massive tires around). Using a combination of different exercises to develop physique and muscle fiber is what is referred to as bodybuilding. (mainly weight training) and diet. However, not every bodybuilder is in it for the competition. This sport involves displaying pronounced muscle...


The Father of Modern Body Building

The father of modern body building, Eugen Sandow, has changed the course of athletic strongman competitions everywhere. He is the first first pioneer in the modern body building era. Sandow was born in Prussia by the name of Muller, but changed the name to Eugen Sandow as his stage name.Sandow was always lucky to have a natural athletic physique. He left his home while still young to join the circus. He worked as an acrobat and was well known for his physique.The circus went bankrupt and Sandow was scouted by a professional strongman named Louis Attila. Attila immediately saw Sandow's potential and took him under his wing to become his pupil. The two later parted, but kept in touch via letter.One day Atilla wrote Sandow about a strength challenge. He had noticed an obvious prank a pair of men were pulling about strength competition. Every night the pair of men challenged the audience of the show 500 British pounds if anyone could best them at the feats of strengths. Atilla noted that their act was done by tri...


Maximal Effort Training--Once More, With Feeling!

If you want to get stronger and faster you might want to fit maximal effort (ME) style training into your strength building program. This is when you try to regularly increase the maximum amount of weight you can do for one repetition in lifts such as the Deadlift, the Squat and the Bench press. If you have never done ME training before, it would be best that you work on getting real strong with conventional weight training and/or high intensity training (H.I.T.). ME training makes great demands on your muscular and nervous system. The main power lifts put an extreme stress on your body so you have to be well conditioned and somewhat familiar with basic knowledge of the lifts, concepts such as the differences between an advanced lifters and beginners, using equipment such as chains and bands and of course the proper way to attempt maximal lifts. The Basic Lifts Used in Maximal Effort Training The bench press has you lying supine on a flat bench. If you think you are using only the deltoids, pectorals a...


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