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Top 5 Dumbbell Workouts For Muscle Building

Dumbbells are one of the best pieces of home gym equipment anyone can own. They take up a very small amount of space and can be used to work almost every muscle in the body. There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can do with them but below are the top 5 dumbbell workouts.

The one exercise everybody knows is the bicep curl. To perform this start with your feet about shoulder width apart. The weights should be held in each hand with palms facing inwards. As you lift the weight turn the arm so that the palms face upwards. Do this in a slow and controlled manner. Lower the dumbbell slowly and do the same movement with the opposite arm. This is the most effective way to build up the biceps.

For a harder shoulder workout try the overhead press. Start with a weight in each hand at shoulder height with your palms facing away from your body. Raise both arms together in a controlled manner as fast and jerked lifts can damage the elbow joints. Lower to the starting position and repeat. This can be performed standing or sitting but always keep the back straight. The shoulder muscles will really feel this as well as the triceps.

To really work the back of the arms try the triceps extension. Take one dumbbell and sit in a chair or bench. Lift the weight with both hands above your head. To work these muscles drop the weight and then straighten your arms again. As always do this slowly and control the movement. If performed correctly you will feel the burn through the arms.

If it is the chest you want to improve try the front raise. With a dumbbell in each hand and thumbs pointing towards each other raise the weights. Try to get them parallel with the ground and keep the arms almost straight. Slowly lower them and repeat. This is great for toning the chest as it targets the upper chest muscles.

For a lower body workout try the squat. Hold a weight in each hand and rest them on the shoulders. Keeping the back straight, bend at the knees until the thighs become parallel with the floor. Now return to the standing position. The squat is excellent for the whole lower body as it works the buttocks and the upper and lower legs.

If you have never lifted weights before start with light ones to find your level. To build muscle it is best to aim for 8 to 10 lifts of every exercise. If you cannot do this amount of lifts then the dumbbell is to heavy. When you can do more than 10 you should increase the weight to continue building muscle.


Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Strength Training Anatomy (3rd Edition)

Brief Overview Of This "Strength Training Anatomy" Book

"Strength Training Anatomy" is a book by Frederic Delavier where you will discover how your muscles work when you are doing strength exercises.

Included in the book are exercises, stretches, as well as illustrations that help you understand more about your muscles and other related structures such as ligaments, tendons, bones, and connective tissue.

Something that we would like to bring to your attention about this book though is that, this "Strength Training Anatomy" book is purely on the anatomy and does not teach you how to work out.

Customers' Feedback About This "Strength Training Anatomy" Book

This "Strength Training Anatomy 3rd Edition" book by Frederic Delavier has received raving reviews from customers (it has received a full 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com).

Many of them pointed out the fact that this book was very properly divided up into the various sections (arms, shoulders, chest, back, etc.), allow them to easily flip through and zoom into the various sections they are interested in and start reading with ease. Also, many also like the feature that there are lots of detailed pictures of the various exercises (for each part of the body), along with which muscles will they be working out on when carrying out each and every exercise.

Another plus point that was highlighted by many customers was that the illustrations, as well as the materials, were of an excellent quality,

However, on the flip side, a minority of the customers pointed out that this book does not provide them with ideas on how to plan their workout. So, they have said that for those who just want to learn how to exercise, this book is not for them.

Our Final Verdict

This "Strength Training Anatomy" book will make a great Father's Day gift for your dad if he loves working out to build on his strength.

With the book, your dad will be able to understand better how his muscles work when he is doing these exercises. Hence, he will be able to know which muscles are affected by a specific exercise. Your dad can then perform exercises to work specific muscles.

As there are many illustrations in the book, your dad will be able to know exactly which muscles are involved for a particular exercise.

Furthermore, the book will also tell your dad about common injuries that can happen with strength training. It will also teach your dad how to prevent such injuries, and thus helping him to exercise safely.

This book is a best seller of its kind and your dad will definitely be thrilled to receive it. Therefore, if your dad loves working out, make him happy by giving him The "Strength Training Anatomy" book on Father's Day.


A Guide To Successful Weightlifter Workouts

Bodybuilder workouts form the foundation of muscle development. To be effective, the exercises must be done on a regular basis and be combined with good nutrition and periods of rest. Some exercises require the specialized equipment found in a gym. Others are simple enough to do at home. Athletes should have a workout plan and use a log book to record their progress.

Leg muscles usually respond well to weight training because of their large size. Squats are a common exercise used to develop the legs. Hold a weighted barbell over the shoulders and bend down into a sitting position. Then stand up straight. The upper thighs respond well to leg extensions which are performed on a specialized piece of equipment. Set the amount of weight you want to use and lift the legs up against the resistance of the weight. Lower them back down.

The triceps and biceps can be built up with very basic exercises. To perform an arm curl hold weights in both hands. Slowly, curl the weights up to the upper body and return to the starting position. The muscles at the back of the arms can be worked with a triceps press. Hold a dumbbell with both hands behind the head. Lower the weight up and down the back.

To develop large pectorals lie on a flat bench, holding a pair of dumbbells. The elbows should point downwards. Push the weights up and down. A similar upper body exercise also involves laying on a bench. Holding dumbbells in each hand. Lower them towards the floor and lift them back towards the chest in a wide arc.

Well developed muscles are an important part of overall fitness. They can be developed using lat pull downs. The exercise involves grabbing a bar with two hands, pulling it down to the chest, and raising it back up again. You should use sufficient weight to feel the back muscles working. Another way to strengthen the back is to grab an overhead bar and pull your body up so your feet are off the ground.

Developing the muscles around the stomach can be challenging but having well defined abdominal muscles is very rewarding. Using a type of reverse sit up can be effective. Lay on the floor, supporting your butt with your hands. Bend your knees and draw your legs into your chest, then extend them out again.

Bodybuilder workouts require discipline and planning. If you are just starting, consider hiring a trainer who can help with technique. Keep track of the weights used and the number of repetitions for each exercise.


Isometric Exercise Equipment - Get Ripped in Less Than 7 Seconds

Why are millions of Americans and for that matter -- individuals worldwide using Isometric Exercise Equipment?

Perhaps it's because Isometrics has been rediscovered. In the fitness and exercise world , nothing is ever lost. It just gets recycled.

In fact, physical therapists, strength & conditioning coaches and power lifters have been using isometric training for years. And most of the NFL football teams -- strength and conditioning coach -- has been using isometrics not only in rehabilitation but also to strengthen weak areas in the players.

Bet that you didn't know that right?

Well, read this article and find out the truth about isometric exercise equipment and why you should be using it as part of your muscle building workout.

Here's the facts, the most effective way to increase your strength and muscle size is to use isometrics and an isometric exerciser.

There have been many old-time strongman that used isometrics as part of their workout program. The most famous is -- Charles Atlas.

99 Pound Weaklings Apply Here

While the Charles Atlas "Dynamic Tension Course" is not a complete isometric workout it does include isometric exercises. Alexander Zass, an old-time strongman used isometrics while in prison. He was a prisoner of war during World War I and was kept chained in his cell.

The only way he could exercise was by pulling against his chains -- little did he know that this was isometric exercise. Later on Zass created a muscle building course that used his own version of "chains" to perform isometric training. This course proved so popular that later on Alexander Zass was considered the "Father of Modern-Day Isometric Exercise."

The reason why many of these old-time strongman used isometric exercise equipment was because free hand isometrics are the same as doing push ups with just your own bodyweight. After a while, your body becomes accustomed to the same resistance and you begin to plateau (plateauing is where your body does not make any further muscle or strength gains. ) For your start growing again... you must increase the resistance or weight you're using in order to stimulate the muscles to begin growing again.

When you're training there are three phases that you should be concerned with.

1. Strength Building Phase

2. Muscle Size Phase

3. Muscle Endurance Phase

The Number One Principle In Strength Training Is...

Progressive resistance simply means that you continue to add weight or resistance to the exercise in order to put more stress on the muscle and force it to grow. That's how muscles work anyone that tells you otherwise is a fool.

There many different types of isometric equipment on the market today. Here are two that you may be familiar with.

* Dumbbells or Barbells with the aid of an "isometric power rack"

* Exercise or Resistance Bands

In addition, you can purchase an isometric exerciser very inexpensively. There are numerous advantages that isometric exercise equipment has over free weights and resistance bands. However, the main thing is with any exercise program you need to incorporate progressive resistance if you are ever going to build any significant strength or muscle size.

This is true whether you're a man or woman -- that is as they say -- are the facts.


Grip Strength Training Technique To Build Muscles

Strongman feats date back to the origin of human time. I became interested in hand grip connected strength feats just after reading the book, "The Mighty Atom." Strongman feats take remarkable determination and dedication. It can be good to determine the sport showing some momentum. don't ruin your workout by flopping like a fish below the weight.

When you must do that, then take many of the weight off of the bar. Don't forget: you didn't truly lift it whatsoever When you flopped your way by means of it. More importantly, flopping and squirming invites bench-sitting injury. A few decades ago aerobics for fat loss was the method to go according to most experts and media. Therefore everyone wanting to lose fat hopped onto cycles, treadmills, and stepper in hopes of losing body fat.

Lock a boom on the upper side, lie in your back and attempt squeeze all you could stand with their feet against the pole. You could register quickly that there is something in the muscles that extend the hip and knee joints. For those who press the maximum, you discover which you only handle to hold out for a short time. It improves muscle tone and bone health.

Combined with a effectively balanced diet regime strategy, it can control obesity. Finest of all, it really is not that hard to fit it into your general schedule. You can even use your body weight to execute some exercises. In a couple of weeks, you will be able to appreciate improvements in your stamina, endurance and strength.

Now that you just understand that more than just going in and fish-flopping as a result of your workouts is needed so that you can create the total package for football, you'll want to understand a thing else: Cycle Training. In the event you wish to optimize your strength Training for football, then you need to incorporate all the above Training strategies.


Whats Wrong With Your Bodybuilding Techniques? Check This Out

Bodybuilding (the art of displaying the muscles) did not really exist prior to the late 19th century, when it was promoted by a man from Prussia named Eugen Sandow,[1] who is now generally referred to as "The Father of Modern Bodybuilding". Bodybuilding Is The Solution To Taking Control Of How Your Body LooksAs I get ready for my next bodybuilding competition, I have been spending alot of time (two 45-minute sessions of cardiovascular exercise to be exact) watching television. My powerful bodybuilding techniques allow me to do that.

Bodybuilding is the act of putting on muscle by working out and shaping one's diet to put on more muscle mass. Bodybuilding may be done for recreation, for personal betterment or as a competitive sport.


Training at a high intensity too frequently also stimulates the central nervous system (CNS) and can result in a hyper-adrenergic state that interferes with sleep patterns. Training intensity and volume should be in line with what the kid can cope with easily and safely. Training natural has so many benefits it would take to many words to put in this article.

Training intensity doesn't mean jack if you can't consistently keep it up. Training tips from many of the greatest strength experts around the world, plus a glossary of exercises to fit everyones needs are available at the RIPPED Weight Training website. This was accomplished by improved bodybuilding techniques, better nutrition and more effective equipment.


Muscles need time to heal, once a week for directly hitting a muscle is fine. Muscles grow when muscle fibers are damaged and repair themselves following a workout. Muscles is a movement, it is our life.

Muscles are the 'slaves' of the CNS, and when the CNS calls for a movement, it never calls in individual muscles separately. Muscle recovery can only happen in the presence of ample amino acids and the only source for amino acids is dietary protein. Muscles, tendons and ligaments tend to shorten over a period of time, which limits our range of motion and renders us more liable to injury when sudden stresses are placed on these structures. Muscle has one simple function -- it contracts.

Muscle takes work, time, and dedication, more than most people are willing to devote. Muscle & Fitness becomes the official journal of the IFBB. The muscles are revealed through a combination of fat loss, oils, and tanning (or tanning lotions) which combined with lighting make the definition of the muscle fibres more distinct.


Fat is irrelevant for bodybuilders, although cholesterol is essential in the production of testosterone so make sure to eat as many animals as you can. Fats, sugars, anything you can shove down your throat. Fat can only be lost with a caloric deficit from a reduction in food intake, an increase in activity or ideally, a combination of both. Fat cells in the body elevate estrogen which can reduce your testosterone levels.


Bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Priest and Jay Cutler all started competing when they were teenagers. Bodybuilders seek out low-glycemic polysaccharides and other slowly-digesting carbohydrates, which release energy in a more stable fashion than high-glycemic sugars and starches. Bodybuilders usually require higher quality protein with a high BV rather than relying on protein such as soy, which is often avoided due to its estrogenic properties. This develops good bodybuilding technique and rituals.

Bodybuilders exist on a diet of protein to develop muscle, and have a skinny supermodel's aversion to fat. Bodybuilders who over-train risk suffering injuries and immune system difficulties, and can neglect home, work and family life, according to Mr Smith... all caused by bad bodybuilding techniques. Bodybuilders also increase their electrolyte consumption (potassium and sodium) to reduce the risk of muscle cramps when on stage.

Bodybuilding as a sport is not athletic and should not be confused with lifting sports or strongman competitions. Bodybuilding is not a project that you work hard on for a set amount of time, finish, and then sit back and admire. Bodybuilding is an ongoing, lifelong process filled with ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks, peaks and recessions. Bodybuilding is the new name of the exercise now days.


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